Check out the new fall colors!
ScarfiesTM are colorful compositions made of strands of yarn and fabric to create a richness of texture and color; truly paintings in yarn. Scarfies are funky, light and great for all seasons.
Scarfies let you wear your inner beauty on the outside.


Wear them in your hair, around your waist, draped around your neck, as a hat band, as a decoration on a lampshade or as a curtain pullback... just have FUN!


Be bold, proud and celebrate all that is good in your life...
friends, family and you... with Scarfie colors!

We also offer ..
• A special line of Scarfies using only natural fibers
• Custom designs for special events
• Displays shown on the Web Site
Please email or call if you are interested in learning more.

When ordering Scarfies, first specify a main color group and then a secondary color (if you want one). Note that all Scarfies are unique and an ordered Scarfie will likely be slightly different from the samples shown.

Select a Scarfie color...