Wandering About Hawaii….. A one woman show at the Capital One Direct Cafe Gallery

Feb 1 - Feb 28  1958 Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki (across from Fort Derussy)

Reception Sat. Feb 16, 1 - 4 PM

Below are the works included in the show.


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When I first visited Hawaii in 1976, I wanted to stay and make a life here, but I had just been hired as a graphic artist in Chicago, and the reality of bills, job and family pulled me back to the mainland. 

Lucky for me I returned in 2004 and started a new life here in Hawaii, ultimately splitting my time between here and Maine. Each year we spend more and more time in Hawaii as the charms and warmth of the people, the excitement of the culture and the flora captivate us.  We are most willing to be captured here.

In these years, I have spent my time relishing the rich colors and the movement of the sky and water, which is so different from any other place in the United States.  My paintings reflect my response and affection for the phenomenon and miracles that I see every day of life in these Islands.

I hope you will enjoy my work and its evolution. The latest pieces, “Croton ‘Bravo’” for example, show my migration to mere form and brilliant color when depicting flora while “Holy Philodendron” and “Bromeliad Fresco” reflect my attempt to integrate my love of texture and sculpture into my work with plants…. Where the sea is concerned, “Fan Cloud Sunset” reflects my love of painting the magnificent power of the clouds and sea brought together. I wish to thank my dear husband Peter for making such beautiful frames that help to set my work aloft… and apart, and for his loving encouragement when the typical artist’s ‘self-doubt’ raises its head. I do love to paint.

I hope you love to look at them.Enjoy the show and thank you for taking the time to look at my work.



All my paintings are for sale as originals or as canvas wrap giclees if you so desire.  Please contact me.